…it is the state of being from which mythic space is best created: fluid and fluctuating, awkward and antagonistic… It represents an open realm of possibility in which violence and vulnerability, vision and destruction, desire and anguish coexist.

Shamin M. Momin, Beneath the Remains: What Magic in Myth?

My work is an exploration of popular culture, myth, and fantasy as conveyed through printmaking and mixed media. I am continually drawn to ideas and events that blur the line between fantasy and reality.  Utopias and dystopias, religious extremism, cults, alchemy and mysticism, are all fodder for my work.  Juxtaposed and submerged in my prints and mixed media works are images from rock n’ roll films, heavy metal album covers, the Mormon Tabernacle, Robert Smithson’s Spiral Jetty, and ancient ruins.  In his book The Philosophy of Magic, Arthur Versluis explains that “magic…is a reflection of eternal principles and as such must exist so long as there are cultures.”  Using print media, collage, and digital applications, I create layered imagery that both elucidates and obscures. By overlapping and layering the imagery in my work fluctuates in-and-out of being.  The interstitial processes of printmaking allow me to fabricate, reduce, and distort imagery in order to create temporal, ephemeral, and shifting works.  I am interested in images that reference both beauty and terror, images that walk the line between representation and abstraction, form and formless.